Aam Aadmi or Khaas Aadmi?

It was a day in the month of March 2014. I was waiting at the Bhopal Airport to fly to Jaipur. That was

the period when Arvind Kejriwal, founder of the Aam Aadmi Party, had created an international stir by

convincingly winning Delhi’s Assembly elections. He had subsequently also sprung a surprise by

resigning as its Chief Minister after a short stint of 49 days of government formation in Delhi.

Suddenly, I heard slogan shouting, applauding the Aam Aadmi Party. Curious to know who was coming, I

suddenly saw Arvind Kejriwal with his associate Manish Sisodia walking right in, without going through

any security check. Instantly, his image of Aam Aadmi fell through in front of my eyes. Could he have

skipped security because he was a CM until recently? So, has he now become a VIP, an acronym which

he himself said he always hated? Who are the authorities that have been prescribed by the relevant Law

to get such a concession of skirting security? These questions haunted me.

Nevertheless, I was keen to meet this anti-corruption crusader who has created a national sensation. I

thought he would soon sit somewhere near to where I was standing. That would give me a chance to

have a conversation with him. But lo and behold, I got the next shock when both of them coolly went

into the VIP lounge. I said to my colleague, “Yeh toh VIP ho gaya!’’

Fortunately, I was thrilled to know that there is yet another chance to meet him. He too was on his way

to Jaipur for an event of Rajasthan Patrika, a well-known daily of Jaipur. I happened to be in the seat,

just one row before where he was seated. Some people surrounded him and got their pictures clicked

with him. I asked one of my students to request him time for me. He agreed and we introduced each


I started off by saying, “I admire you because of your anti-corruption agenda. However, the problem is

that you have broken up with your guru, Anna Hazare and in effect, broken the Guru-Shishya

relations.’’He said, “Anna is still with us.’’

I said, “You got an opportunity in Delhi to prove yourself. You challenged the Congress but when you

held the seat of power, you just let it go. This gives an impression that you only talk but cannot deliver.

Do you consider yourself as a bigger economist than Dr Manmohan Singh? What could you have have

done in the absence of money or water in the Narmada?

He said, “They were not allowing me to work.’’

I continued, “Is coughing your trademark? If you have medicines, the cough does not stay for so long.

Also, why do you wear the muffler that makes your disposition akin to a dictator? Do you want to

portray a militant image?’

He said, “It is cold in Delhi, so I protect myself from it.”

I said, “Now you should pay a visit to my college…’’

He answered, “Aur kuch kehena hai?’’

I concluded, “My scholarly opinion is that, you are trying to become a dictator, inadvertently or

otherwise. India, of course, has a leadership cult. Hence, you may be consciously developing it.

However, once you say you are a leader, Aam Aadmi is finished.’’

The final shock of my encounter – some 60 Aam Aadmi followers stood outside the airport to greet and

cheer him. A jeep was standing beside them. I expected Kejriwal to greet the crowd and get into the

jeep. My eyes stared with disbelief when I saw him hurriedly getting into a Mercedes Benz and drive

away. His admirers were also perhaps left gaping at the mouth.’I said to myself, ‘Yeh to Khaas Aadmi


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