A learning lesson of `know thy neighour’

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A learning lesson of `know thy neighour’

It was sometime in the late 2000s that I was relaxing outside our cottage of

a plush hotel in Chennai. After a while, a Westerner passed by and to my

surprise, waved out and said “Hello Professor.’’ I was intrigued. How would

he know that I’m a professor? I, for sure, did not know him at all.

Curious, I got up to greet him and asked him his name and how he knew

that I was a professor. He equipped, “don’t you know me? I am Gary

Kristen, coach of the Indian cricket.’’ And then surprisingly asked, “don’t

you follow cricket?’’ I candidly stated, “Not really. I do not know much

about cricket, except that I watch India-Pakistan matches, but how did you

know my profession?’’

Kristen glanced at me for a few seconds and then said, “I’m your

neighbour, staying right next to your cottage. I should know who are the

people staying around me and they told me you are an educationist. That’s

how I know.’’

I was left startled. I had a vague idea that the entire cricket team had just

arrived from Sri Lanka and had been put up at this hotel. However, it did

not even occur to me that I should be curious about my neighbours. After

our introductions, Kristen and I spent quite sometime each other, over a

cup of tea. One of the questions that I asked him was the secret of Sachin

Tendulkar’s indefatigable spirit and energy. He replied, “although Sachin

has been playing for so many years, he still feels he is new to cricket, when

he gets on to the field. He is always the first to come to the ground and

ever so enthusiastic in his attitude and action.’’

So, Kristen left behind a lot for me to introspect and I’m sure this editorial

would also make you think. How many of us care to know our neighbours

or care to know about them, whether in your housing society or your

corporate office? We, most often than not, confine our work to our

immediate colleagues or just ourselves and hardly ever share joys or

sorrows of so many people working in our environment. Also, how many of

us have the ability to be relentlessly enthusiastic about our work, no matter

how many years we have put in, in our respective organisation? Very rarely

would be a safe answer. Isn’t it time to take off from the cyberspace and

get real with social relationships? It’s ripe time for such introspection.



Dr Col A. Balasubramanian

Editor In Chief

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