Sir, you forgot your Rava Dosa!….

Sir, you forgot your Rava Dosa!

Strapline: I was surprised when the waiter, after five days, reminded me of the

takeaway I had not picked up

Col A Balasubramanian

There is a general impression that Consumer is King only in USA and other

developed countries. The Indian customer is often seen as one at the receiving end

of bad buys, poor service and questionably quality of products. The Consumer

complaint Forum is continuously busy, attending to cases of consumer complaints in

various categories of products and services.

I had a pleasant experience recently. Whenever I go to Delhi, I eat at the Saravana

Bhavan, the popular South Indian restaurant. I ordered for an idli and medu wada

plate and asked the waiter to parcel a Rava Dosa. I finished my eating but the

parcel was taking time. I got impatient and finally decided to leave the place, without

picking up the parcel although I had paid for it.

After about five days, I went back to Sarvana Bhavan for another meal. I decided not

to even broach the issue of me not having collected the Rava Dosa. However, I was

truly surprised when the waiter informed me that he is giving me the bill by deducting

the amount of Rs.50 of the Dosa which I had not picked up last time.

Such stories of Consumer’s Delight in India are perhaps rare because we do not talk

about them. Corporate Citizen dedicates a page to such positive stories where

consumer has been treated like king or queen. Pl do write about your good

experiences as consumers to:

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