My Campus Placement Experience: Aishwary Shrivastava

My Campus Placement Experience

Name: Aishwary Shrivastava
Placed With: Nestlé
Specialization: Marketing
Roll. No.: MM1719156

Cricket to corporate
Times flies living behind the beautiful impact of your presence!
I was one among those strikers on the cricket ground of Bhopal, who followed a mixed passion of both being a sportsperson and a corporater. I experienced my first educative carrier knock on 8th June 2017, with the start of the induction program as a young member of “SRI BALAJI SOCIETY” family. Super learning workshops, seminars, guest lectures and other training sessions was like a loath of knowledgeful experience. It helped me grow in its own manner.
The two months induction program gave me best of the people from my river “Indrayani”, we untidily competed for the first cultural event-AIYASWAMY 2K17, And experienced the unanimous team work for the first time. In the midst of 365 days working, college made me explore my cultural side and was successfully able to coordinate for the gala events.

My first year in BIMM (The unit of SRI BALAJI SOCIETY) nourished me to grow to my fullest by lots of corporate interactions like Corporate Interface Program (CIP) and myriad Marketing Practical.
Being profoundly stuffed with the bases of corporate knowledge it was “WHIRLPOOL” where I got to experience its implacability. I am blessed to be mentored by Ashwini Kumar Pathak sir and my friends cum colleagues Vivek Singh sir and Arth Patel sir,Mudit Joshi,Monika Shubham Nayak,Abhay Sharma during my internship.
Taking such motivating experiences, I headed towards the second half of my college days with immense excitement. I am completely honored to BIMM to recognize me as a DICIPLINE COODINATOR of THE STUDENT COUNCIL 2k17-19. Discipline being my style of life, has given me an ample of successive goodwill which is like an add on to my personality.
By the end of September, the college was well adorned with the corporate stalwarts for campus recruitment, I was lucky enough to be one among the two chosen by Nestle India Ltd. on 30th October 2018. It always feels great to achieve the reason for your hard work.
Stars are best visible when viewed from the ground. So, it’s the time I need to thank the nourishing hands A Balasubramaniam sir, Archana Shrivastava mam, Vikas Namjoshi sir and all my eminent faculties for my success.
And of course my amazing council mates Soumik Das, Somya Trivedi, Sahil Mokadam and all my co colleagues i can’t name here all sorry guys who shares almost an equal part in my success. I cherishingly thank all of them for their presence in my journey!
Last but not the least my parents what i am today is just because of them only

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