My Campus Placement Experience: Juhi Chandra

Name: Juhi Chandra
Placed with: Vedanta Resources Limited
Specialization: PM & HRD
Roll Number: MM1719614

When I look back today, I myself feel bewildered sometimes. I came from, a small city of Meerut from Uttar Pradesh. Brought up by a single mother, an epitome of selflessness and sacrifice. After the untimely demise of my father, she left no stone unturned to make sure her kids did well in life. I completed my schooling and engineering in Electronics & Communications from Meerut itself before I switched my field to hospitality. Yes you read it right! Within time I realized that engineering was not my cup of tea and I was inclined to do something different, so I started to work at ITC Mughal Hotel in Agra, one of the top Hotel chains in the country, where I spent 1.5 years as Guest Relations Executive. While life was unfolding in miraculous ways, I decided to pursue MBA further in life. An alumnus at job, Rashika Mittal, suggested about Balaji Institute of Modern Management (BIMM), Pune. Incredible ROI, great placements to offer, decent average package, lucrative high packages and big corporate names recruiting from the institute, is what the college had to offer. I did hear some news about restrictions too but as they say, no pain- no gain, hence I chose to neglect that.

I chose HR as my stream here and did really well in academics. Maintaining a high score (secured 1st position in first year) through the semesters was not an easy task while I tried my hands on all the other opportunities that shape a professional. During the first 2 months of the college, I got the opportunity to be an anchor representing my River Ganga at Aiyyaswami Festival (rivers are comparable to houses in school time). There were 14 rivers in total for that festival and we secured the 1st rank from the bottom. I proudly say it because it was indeed the journey and the fun in preparing the acts that mattered and not the end result. The winners went to Goa though, but Goa could wait for now. There were some restrictions in the hostel life of 1st year but it did not matter so much as more of the attention and focus of students was usually on the assignments. Early morning jog around the campus, basking in the early morning winter sun before class, daily newspaper reading sessions are few of the many things I would always cherish in life.
The pressure was intense in first year but firm was my will too! With great friends always along to motivate, I not just lived but thrived through the first year.
Destiny made me meet a senior one day, a simple lady with an iron will and fire inside. She was like a celebrity in the institute and she only deserved more. A lady who has proven herself time and again, did her internship with Deloitte, the most hard working member of Corporate Relations Team (CRT) of BIMM, took tuition of students after college, maintained top scores in college and…. the cherry on the cake, achiever of the highest package of the college 2016-18. God! She is an inspiring woman and an apple of the eye of Bala Sir himself, Ms. Gopika Nair. This lady was always a source of inspiration for me throughout the college and that is what I always wanted to be.

The next milestone I wanted to reach was internship and so came Quick Heal on campus where I got selected and I was just like any other student…content. But contentment has never bread leaders. Later, one of the big-4 companies ‘Deloitte’ was visiting… and the college opened the eligibility for everyone. That is when I asked myself, am I content or should I try? Some push from my circle and I found myself sitting in the interview rounds. Lucky I feel…they found me suitable. So here it was, another big company…another feather added to my cap and so much to learn and experience from it.
Alongside that, I also was following the footsteps of Ms. Gopika Nair and had applied for CRT. After 3 rounds, 1 GD and 2 PI (one with Director Corporate Relations Dr. Dimple Saini and one with Director BIMM Dr. Archana Shrivastava), I was chosen among some others to take a holy vow.. “To serve our batch for placements, till placements. For the next one year we would put forth our best to get more than 300 companies to our campus for recruitment, till the final student” and each single student there got committed to it that very day.
After 2 months (March and April) of hand over from Ms. Gopika Nair, of her duties and responsibilities and the way to go about it, she went on to join her job at Vedanta and I went to Mumbai for internship at Deloitte. The experience at Deloitte was something so posh, so richly educating and shaping, all thanks to my mentor Ms. Sweety Banthia. I shall always treasure those memories and my project that I did on “Diversity & Inclusion’ was something I found to be very relevant to the contemporary world.
Coming back to college and toggling between 2 lives at once, one at CRT and one coping up with all the lost lectures in class. Serving a holy vow and maintaining exam score at the same time is very arduous, leaving alone the pressure of maintaining attendance.
Then came Drishti, a cultural fest of Sri Balaji Society that was about to happen after 2 years and everyone including the alumni were excited for it. Could I miss the opportunity of participation? Yes I would have if friends like Gopika Nair (even my batch has one by the same name, we call her Gopu) and Eshaan Uchil hadn’t pulled me into ‘tug of war’. We practiced day and night, from dawn until dusk. Our alumni like Mr. Arjun Shriram, Mr. Prabhpreet Singh & Mr. Rajat Prabhakar used to come from their jobs and train us. Did we win??? Damn right, we did..!!! We had some of the best girl athletes in our team some have also played at higher levels in different sports.
When it came to placements, we had many renowned companies visiting for HR. One of those was First Source Solutions Ltd. with its HQ in Mumbai. I could make through 2 rounds of GD and PI, and was selected as a Management Trainee. It came along with a satisfactory package and again, I was content.
I was hoping to utilize the 2nd placement opportunity that CRT members are allowed for when the news broke… Vedanta resources, was visiting the campus for the batch 2017-19. Earlier they emphasized on taking freshers only who were below 26 years of age but this time they changed their age bar criteria. They aimed at increasing diversity in their company and guess what my project at Delloite was based on? Bingo, I could feel something happening as in some intuitions, some phenomenon that I cannot explain. Though one of my close friends and ex- colleague from ITC and batch-mate, Karan Veer Narang told me “The company is coming for YOU, and IT WILL TAKE YOU ALONG”. The words remained in my mind as I successfully crossed all the interview rounds. It was not just my education but my experience, willingness, zeal, the wishes of friends, blessings of elders and the positive energy in the universe that helped me crack the company with the highest package on campus “VEDANTA RESOURCES”.

It was never an easy journey, always a choice between treading the difficult path or choosing to let things be how they were. I never imagined I would ever come out of Meerut. I never dreamt I would have a role model and be a role model, I never assumed I would be capable of dreaming this big and definitely never in my mind did it ever occur that I would make it.. More peaks to count ahead!
I thank my mother Mrs. Rajni Gupta for teaching me how to be a strong and independent lady. I thank my elder brother brother Sqn Ldr Joy Chandra for teaching me the valuable lessons of endurance and composure. I thank Dr. Prof Col A Balasubramanian Sir for being a fatherly figure and always motivating us through his words. I thank my institute, Balaji Institute of Modern Management for grooming me. I thank Dr.Dimple Saini Ma’am to treat me like her own child and to always usher the right path. I thank Ms. Gopika Nair (senior batch 2016-18) to be my role model and close friend. I thank all my team members who always supported me in my journey of failure and success.
I owe my success to you!

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