My Campus Placement Experience: Arfa Kamal

Name: Arfa Kamal
Placed With: Exide Industries Limited
Specialization: Marketing (2017-19)
Roll no: IB1715205
“The road to success is not easy to navigate, but with hard work, perseverance and faith in God, you can live your dreams”.
Before sharing my campus placement experience I want to thank Bala Sir for giving me an opportunity to pursue my PGDM from Sri Balaji Society and most importantly I want to thank my parents who have always given extreme importance and priority to my studies and my career.
My parents have always provided me the best education. My schooling was done from top Christian mission: St. Joseph’s Convent High School, Patna. For my graduation I moved to Pune to pursue B.Tech in Biotechnology. After completion of my degree, I was placed in M. J Biopharma. It is then, I discovered that I was more inclined towards customer relations and my urge to learn marketing. With God’s grace I successfully got admission in Sri Balaji Society.
With my firm believe and determination I began my journey in Sri Balaji Society on 8th of June 2017. Our college started with full enthusiasm and energy bestowed by Kiran Bedi: Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry. Our induction programme was organized for a period of 2 months where students from all over India from different cultures were grouped in different rivers. I was a part of a talented river: Jhelum. In induction programme we underwent several management games, followed with presentations. It was the first time that I presented myself in front of more than 500 people. These presentations helped to enhance my soft skills and my learning abilities.
Then began the Aiyyaswami competition which is a cultural competition between all the rivers. Aiyyaswami event gave everyone an opportunity to express themselves and demonstrate their talents. Amongst the 15 rivers, our river: Jhelum stood 2nd in the entire competition. As a reward our river was sponsored a visit to the amusement park: IMAGICA.
After the completion of induction program, our academics started by welcoming us to different colleges within Sri Balaji Society. I was blessed to be a part of BALAJI INSTITUTE OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS. My college taught me everything from 3D to manage surprise tests and juggling presentations/assignments. We learned to manage 95% attendance in 365 working days. As we were not able to go home for festivals, our college celebrated each and every festival in the college.
With the beginning of the academics, began my extracurricular activities. I was selected in the CPS team. It is the team of first year students who work for the summer internships. Further my talent was identified by my director: Mr Suresh Chand Padhy as he chose me to be the President of the college. Becoming a part of the Student Council endowed lots of rights and responsibilities on me. I started practising the art and science of management . My extra efforts and hard work helped to achieve the first rank in my class.
On 28th February, 2018 feathers were added to my wings as I was selected by Bala Sir in the Research & Corporate Relation Team (CRT). This is the most prestigious, dedication and hard working team under the leadership of placement director: Ms Dimple Saini.
The college completed first year in April and began our internship in May and June. I continued to strive harder towards my goal and returned to college with Pre Placement Offer in Signature International Foods. Being a member of CRT, I was given an opportunity to go for my second offer. I pulled up my socks and banged on to the best of the best companies.
Finally, my dreams became a reality when I got my second placement offer from EXIDE INDUSTRIES LTD.
This is just the beginning of my career in the corporate world and I want to thank every teacher every friend & every person who helped me to cross this milestone in my life.


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