My Campus Placement Experience: Shabin Nair

Name: Shabin Nair
Placed With: Spandana Sphoorty Financial Ltd
Specialization: Marketing (2017-19)
Roll no: MM1719384

It all started when I filled up the admission form which I got from my friend from 2016-18 batch. I had researched about the college already and if you already have a close friend studying there, you get honest and fair reviews. He told me that, “Join this institute ONLY if you are serious about your PGDM. If you are doing this course just for the sake of extending your college life, this is not the institute for you.”
That was enough for me to select my college,
for which I was totally confused about. I knew my dreams and was looking for an institute which would help me achieve it.
So going forward, I took the admission in Balaji Institute of Modern Management which is considered as the mother institute among all the 4 colleges of Sri Balaji Society.

My friend had already informed me about the culture followed here such as 365 working days, reaching the college on time before the door gets shut on our face, etc to name a few and I was intrigued to see if all this was indeed true. And to my surprise, it was.
The students were segregated into different rivers (groups) and I got the Sabarmati river and it was indeed the best I could get, right from our mentor to the students. I made friends for life from this class. Thanks to them, the induction period of 2 months passed smoothly which otherwise was very rigorous. We had to give presentations in a group of 2 in front of a large audience in an auditorium of our college, which is considered as one of the best in Pune. Then came the Aiyyaswami competition which is a cultural competition between all the rivers. I also got the chance to play my part in it. I enjoyed the cultural in Aiyyaswami event, an opportunity given to all of us to unleash our talents. It was a great and mesmerizing experience for me to be a part of the cultural. Finally, our river emerged victorious. That was the time I realized the importance of team work and dedication. During this induction period, we watched Mahabharata, couple of inspirational movies, attended lots of workshops, had many guest lectures by various corporate leaders etc.
Now since we had won the cup, we got the chance to have a trip to GOA. That was indeed a memorable trip.
After the completion of induction and river time it was hard to leave those friends behind because they were my comfort zone nut to succeed in life you have to step out of your comfort zone. During the first few days to this new world was like hell for me but moving forward I realized that I should keep in touch with them, then only I can survive in this new world doing that I made new friends here who became my small family and support system for me they were always their for me in my ups and downs. I used to give up sometimes and got demotivated during various aspects but they were always there to support me since they knew my weaknesses and strengths.

After the induction period, we were shifted to our respective institutes and our specialization. Mine was marketing.
Settling in from our rivers to the classes was again a challenge, especially since everyone else knew the others from the hostel. Sitting roll Number wise to rebelling about it was the beginning of classes.
This place teaches you everything from 3D’s to managing surprise tests and juggling presentations/assignments alongside, and being punctual. People here would crib here for some or the other thing but you don’t waste your time in this because you so gonna miss the beauty of this place I’m saying because while writing this I wish I could have few more days at Sri balaji.
Days fly so fast here we wouldn’t know Sunday from a Wednesday. It all seemed the same.
Days went from being challenging to monotonous to fun to tense. I was really glad I had my friends by side. The faculty was also helpful and would provide any assistance necessary.
Now there was a mini Aiyyaswami cup which was among the classes of each institute and again. Our class won. We got the chance to go to Goa again!
After this event, the academics started with full rigor. Surprise tests, presentations, assignments.. all these kept us so busy that we never realized when the semesters got over. With each semester, our classes were shuffled. This gave us an opportunity to make new friends. The student council consisting of our seniors were very helpful and supportive.
Between all this, we also got the chance to do the Corporate Interface Program.
It was now the time for our summer internships and I got one of the best internships at TVS MOTOR COMPANY. Luckily the location was in my hometown. 2 months of the internship was the period where I got to learn many things from the corporate world. I did my internship religiously, prepared well for the presentations and did well.
Now was the time for the final campus placements. I got placed in Spandana Sphoorty financial ltd, which is a micro financing company. This sector was growing and they are offering a very good job profile and a decent package.
Finally, here I am, with mixed emotions. Not knowing if I should be happy about my early joining because I will start earning or I should be sad for leaving this college life, friends who were there for me when I needed them the most. The greatest healing therapy is friendship. The feeling of warmth that one gets knowing there are people having your back whenever you stumble in the winding road called life? Sri Balaji Society has given me gift that I would treasure lifelong – A gift of friendship. The purpose in SBS was redefined for me because of this strong pillars here that made hard times vanish like small bubbles in water.
So.. it’s been a long journey in a short span of time. Bidding adieu to this amazing experience. Hope to stay in touch with all.
Thanks and all the best.

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