My Campus Placement Experience: Prasad Pawase

Name: Prasad Pawase
Placed With: Schlumberger
Specialization: Operations & Supply Chain Management
Roll Number: MM1719520

When I look back, I cannot believe that a mischievous little boy with zilch inclination towards studies, would ever step out of his home town.
Guidance from parents lead me into choosing Non Medical stream which lead to B.Tech. (Mechanical) from University of Pune. The innocence and mischiefs were now transforming into stability and focus towards my subjects, which scored me a marvellous 3 years of work experience in#Raymond ltd and fortunate enough I was, to contribute towards the organization.

With time, my instincts told me to pursue further education and so came the decision of PGDM. Inspired by the military leadership of Prof. Dr. Col. A Balasubramaniam and the #Operations batch to be known as the best among all institutes in India, BIMM is where my caravan was heading towards.
Today, a sense of achievement surrounds me and caresses my heart, for being able to put into practice all my learning through these years. Being honoured with the position of Business Process Analyst Manager (Supply chain:SAP) in one of the top #Fortune 300 companies of the world#Schlumberger, is something I never would have achieved without the support and guidance of people around me.

I want to sincerely thank my mother Mrs.Sunita for teaching me the essence of patience and hope as an army wife.
My father Mr.Narayan for teaching me the power of courage and determination as an ex-army man.
My sister Prof.Trupti for teaching me the value of endurance and balance as a PhD. and a working wife.
I feel blessed to have learnt from 2 of the best gurus of the world, Prof.Abhijit Nag & Prof.Balaji Reddie who have not just taught me the science of operations & supply chain management but also the art of leadership, networking and value creation.
My ex-boss Mr.Kamlakar Tak & colleagues for helping me add on value to my degree with work experience.
The education institutions that shaped my mind to be ready to face any challenge.
Last but never the least, my friends who always stood by my side and provided mental support, and made me worldly wise through sharing their experiences.

This is OUR achievement as a whole, and I promise to give back always and forever, to the best of my might🙏

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