My campus placement experience: Naman Agrawal

Name- Naman Agrawal
Placed With- Lodha Group India
Roll no.- IB1715134

“Lucky people GET opportunities; Brave people CREATE opportunities; And Winners are those that convert PROBLEMS INTO OPPORTUNITIES”

Before I could start sharing my journey with SBS, I want to thank each and every one and specially the most respected and Beloved BALA SIR. I was confident enough to join this institute as I could gather all the required information from an alumni. Sri Balaji Society, brought to me just more than a billion memories and experiences.
It all started off on 8th June 2017, when I had come down to Pune to start my 2 years of Post graduation. The day started with a Ganesh Puja Ceremony at the Ganesh temple followed by a traditional day competition where every individual being dressed in their traditional attire represented their culture, and that experience was awesome by seeing my fellow mates from all the parts of our country, Followed by induction programme of 2 months where we all were grouped into rivers. I was in the river ALAKANANDA.

NAMAN AGRAWAL who was usually treated an introvert made 100s of friends, The best thing I feel I did in Sri Balaji Society is I made my network strong. This network will certainly prove to be helpful to me in future. In induction programme we underwent several management games, Presentations (the best thing of induction programme) I managed to secure 60 marks in my life 1st presentation before 500 people. Reaching up that stage and facing such a huge crowd had sent shivers down my spine. But securing a 60 was all worth it. We also celebrated festivals like Rakshabandhan, Friendship day which was a feeling of “Home away from Home”.

Then we moved towards starting our academics (1st year). I was being addressed as a STUDENT MANAGER in this institute which created a different sense of responsibility and maturity in me. Being a junior I was exposed to a very rigorous schedule which had moulded me to a shape which could easily take the rigor. I attended all the classes, completed all the assignments, socialise with friends and reach hostel at 9.25 PM. I never knew how precious a minute could be to a person. Thanks you Sri Balaji Society for teaching me the value of time. BIIB has been a good platform to enjoy every bit of the SBS life. My family was surprised to see me dance and participate in public events, Yes Sri Balaji Society got the artist out of me into reality. I was an average student in terms of academics but I always had the inquisitiveness to learn newer things, That is why backlog was never a saddening part for me. I had a couple of backlogs which I managed to clear later. BIIB also gave me an excellent opportunity in September which was CIP 2017. I was brought out of the nut shell and exposed to the real world, The world where I was supposed to go after 2 years. I understood how difficult it was to get a minute from the corporate stalwarts. Also I secured an 2 months internship in MAPRO FOODS PVT. LTD. which was another feather in my hat. I worked closely with the exports manager to understand the operations of the Organization.

The mantra that I heard on the first day till the last was “Problems are Opportunities” and this is the constant quote which help me in understanding that “Focused and hard work is the real key to success” and this is not meant only for the institute but where ever you will go. As my 2nd semester was about to end, I had already started missing the SBS hostel. Everyone says that it is a cage but we’ve had a lot of fun in that cage. As the transition period got over we reached the most awaited “seniorhood” Senior classes was more of outdoors in GD and PI than indoors in the class. I missed on to a lot of companies due to ineligibility but got one shot which hit right LODHA GROUP. I was very happy to know that I’ll be staying in Pune.

And the best way to feel like you are a part of the community is to get involved with the people around you. Before I begin elaborating on my campus placement experience, I would like to show my immense gratitude and thank many entities for playing a vital role in my success. My parents, brother for being a pillar of rock solid support, come whatever, I dedicate my achievement to you. Then come my teachers & professors, for playing the part of guiding angels, may it be academic knowledge or personal guidance. The long academic hours, the hectic & packed regimens, busy schedule, assignments, surprise tests, economic times sessions played their hand in making us corporate citizens ready to face the tough corporate world. What they were unaware of was that, to witness the good change in life they will have to go through a roller coaster ride during these enriching and “adventurous” two years.

The campus placement experience was a real learning experience. All the whims and fancies that every one of us had during the rigorous grooming sessions at college were confronted with their realistic counterparts. I never really studied for hours and hours to prepare for the placements as I was gaining experience throughout. It was always smart study (last night brush up) blended with the right level of confidence.

I would like to thank my constant support Avinash Thakur Aditya Sharma Sejal Kedia Chanchal Maurya Mahima Chhabra Gurleen Chhabra Karuna Vaswani Mohit Agrawal Akash Singh Sahil Behl who has always been there in my ups and down in the last two years.

I take the opportunity of this forum to express my gratitude to Bala sir and Sri Balaji society. Who have been instrumental in being my career launch pad. Learning from the college would be an integral facet of my life and I am type of person who believe that learning never stops. All the best to my juniors, I wish them success in their life.

Thank you everyone who gave me motivation to achieve success.

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