My Campus Placement Experience: Pranjali Khobragade

Name: Pranjali Khobragade
Placed With: Infosys
Specialization: Marketing & Finance
Roll Number: TM1716419

It all started when I chose to do MBA when I was in third year of my Engineering, understood already I was not ready for any IT job.

With time, my instincts told me to pursue HR as a specialization….but I couldn’t made the college I wanted. Being in Pune for 8 long years I heard about the Sri Balaji Society a lot from my seniors and from students from the coaching I was in.

Based on my marks in entrance exam, I tried to gave a shot for GD PI round, and got a mail from SBS after a month but I got selected for Marketing. I was sad but thought a lot on that and even consulted a professor from BITM before taking admission and today I feel it was a right decision.

The two years of PGDM in SBS shaped me, mould me in a best possible way I could ever imagine. The knowledge i gained from changing few habits with the help of college curriculum and strict schedule helped me getting my placement so easily. I overcome my biggest weaknesses from the very first day of college. Whether it comes to wearing a saree for a first time ever and still feel confident or by giving presentation in front of 600 students at first week of college or enjoying Mahabharata with whole college and learning what qualities I wanted in me as a aspiring successful person.

The one thing I loved about this college, every person whether it is Faculty or any Director even the Prof. Dr. Col. A Balasubramaniam are easily approachable.

I thank everyone who supported me in this beautiful journey my parents my friend and most importantly the teachers who helped me to groom so well.

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