My Campus Placement Experience: Soumik Das

Name: Soumik Das
Placed with: Aditya Birla Retail Ltd
Specialization: Marketing
Roll. No: MM1719198

There’s a Chinese Proverb which goes as
“Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of only standing still”

With this in mind I came to Sri Balaji Society

Hailing from the town of Jamshedpur, accompanied with my childhood friends Raunak Raj Singh, Rahul Das, Rahul Singh and Ankita Kaur, I came to SBS to explore myself, came here not for studies but for learning.
According to me a manager must be ready for anything that comes in his way and should have a practical solution for each problem in his path. I came here to equip myself with such abilities.


A stranger in a foreign land, the induction programme familiarised me with the ways of SBS. I am grateful that during this period I met Rajit Dey, Somya Trivedi, Ratul Dutta, Roli Sharma who became family to me.This programme introduced me to people like Aniruddha Laskar, Noopur Rai, Anchal Dubey, Gopika Nair, Shikha Maheshwari, Saif Khan, Vivek More with whom the foundation of a strong friendship was laid.

Prof Swapnil Udgir noticed this zeal in me and provided me an opportunity to work with the HR meet team. I got to work with the finest seniors who became my mentors through the course of my SBS Life. Ankit Lal, Vandanaa Rajendran, Lavanya Kolipakula and Shubham Shrivastava still guiding me.

Noticing my performance, Our Director Dr. Archana Shrivastava and Deputy Director Vikas Namjoshi recruited me in the Corporate Projects team helping in securing internships for fellow batchmates.

Corporate Projects team is a student body working round the clock pitching to companies for internships. As a team we used our individual skills to fulfill team objectives and in this pursuit we all bonded as family. Sagar Gandhi, Sahil Behl, Sonakshi Mishra, Swara Vijayvargiya, Priyanka Thakur, Tanisha Rulania, Palash Purohit, Somya Trivedi and me as a team were commendable. This team led to be the chief coordinator of BIMM’s National Business Convention 2018.

Due to this team I secured an internship in HDFC Bank for 2 months.

From my childhood I had a knack for performing arts, and I got plenty of opportunities to perform on stage, mostly as an emcee in events like The Aiyaswamy Cup, Fresher’s 2017, Achievement Day 2018, Fresher’s 2018. The highlight of my stint was getting recognised by Bala Sir for my efforts as a presenter. My involvement in such extra curricular activities introduced me to some like minded people among them were Nimesh Pal, Mohit Binyani, Ayush Dwivedi, Mrinali Paliwal, Mohit Mohan. Together we organised numerous events for the college before being appointed as the President of the BIMM Student Council for my efforts.

Along with Somya Trivedi, Noopur Rai, Rajnandini Mahajan, Aishwarya Shrivastava, Gaurav Mohan Verma, Aakash Patel, Sahil Mokadam, Pooja Mishra and Purva Kulgod as fellow council members we take care of student affairs and assisting the authorities in administration also acting as a liaison between the Students and the Management. Campus Placement Processes are also coordinated by the Council along with the Corporate Relations Team. I am highly grateful to Gopi Kishan Bhadada for his involvement in such processes.

It is the joint efforts of all the people mentioned above that we lifted the Drishti Cup with BIMHRD as joint winners of the 15 day mega event.It was a one of a kind experience to organise such an event where I shared a healthy Camaraderie with BIMHRD President Yash Khakhar and BIIB President Priyam Paul.

During the placement season ‘Aditya Birla Retail’ chose me as its employee under the Retail Leadership Program with the opportunity of holistic development in all areas of the retail sector. I am really enthused to be a part of such a company and looking forward to my association with it.

The fact that I would like to thank so many people that I have mentioned is because each one of them has played an important role in my life continuously supporting, mentoring, guiding me to be a better man.

Lastly I would like to thank Dr. Col. A. Balasubramaniam Sir for making careers of budding management

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