My Campus Experience: Deepika Kashmiri

Name: Deepika Kashmiri
Specialization: Finance
Roll No: HRD1714311

There are always some latent qualities that sprout when they are exposed to the sunshine of opportunities. Yes, your dream can also possess the soul of success but you need your lips to be symmetrically half oval even in failure. I never miss to apply audacious smile on my face and with this, I commenced my journey towards a beautiful life. My home is situated near the highest dam in India viz. Hirakund Dam. Being from the family indulged into business, I believe that corporate blood was injected to me during childhood. My mother used to design the structure of my dream of being in a higher position. My brother, working at Microsoft in Pune, recommended me Sri Balaji Society, Pune. I didn’t think much and decided to flew 1500 km with the wings of self-determination.

My eyes were gazing monumental building- BIMHRD with wooden doors whose glasses were depicting the image of my existence. I found those smiles were again dancing on the beat of excitement and adventure. Sudden a package of surprises fell down from the tree as Aiyaswamy cultural event where I got the chance to revive my evergreen passion for dance. As I wanted to pursue my career in finance, I had to take one more test and as a good consequence, I became a part of the elite batch of SBS. I am really going to miss those gatherings that used to add beauty to my river class. Those shining gems including Rani Chaudhary, Steffy Mathew whose luster never failed to show me a clear path towards my goal.
If you work toward your goal with dedication, you will be recognized. Similarly, I was noticed by my director sir who assigned me with his words – “you will be the representative of finance batch of the Institute for both senior and junior.” It was for the first time when my soul swam into the ocean of self-confidence and half-circle of my lips elongated a little. I was always being advised to never lose my charm, enthusiasm, and spirit because it is my USP. I made an exceptional effort to never let my zeal to corrode in this world of competition.

Sometimes coming out of the crowd and visualize the world gives you a different sense of pleasure. Internship rung the bell of the campus and I was in the mood to capture the best for me. Sooner my dedication yielded my solo-selection in TOYOTA FINANCIAL SERVICE. This internship helped me to strengthen the pillar of my success. Retaining all those valuable experiences, I could make my internship presentation which generated the essence of adroitness and positioned my hard work in the top 5. Again an opportunistic apple added to my basket of accomplishments as I was announced as the Academic Coordinator of senior council. That day my self-trust jumped to the apex of the highest mountain range and the eternal brook of confidence flew through the plain of my self-belief.

Within a fraction of the month, the final stage was ready to showcase a bunch of talents. I demonstrated my flamboyancy and got the prize of being placed in my dream company- Amazon India. It is an immense feeling of happiness when your dream shines across the various horizon of achievements. I want to thank each and every motivating force which paved the enormous stones in the deep sea of challenges and made me cross to reach the final destination.

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