My Campus Placement Experience: Rajit Dey

Name: Rajit Dey
Placed with: Deloitte
Specialisation: Marketing
Roll No.- MM1719187

The land of art and culture moulds you with grace and I embraced it all. My journey towards a corporate transformation from an artist began right on the fine morning when my cellphone greeted me with a mail from Sri Balaji Society.
It was not long I was arranging my belongings at the fortress looking hostel, filling the paperwork, trying to get hold of a sim card, getting ready for the first traditional day ceremony of SBS, and at the same time trying to digest the fact that this place will be my home for the next 2 years.
The sorting hat said Brahmaputra and the river started flowing with poise and brought with it learnings in disguise. The daily activities and workshops which then seemed to be naive proved to be the most important value adding process. Two months sculpted a man out of a boy.
The trail had to be followed and the burden of examinations, assignments, presentations, surprise tests and quizzes soon started drowning me only to make me realise I was in the river of knowledge.

Four phases in four semesters.
The first gave me the opportunity to work with Dr. Biju Pillai Sir, in the admissions department for digital marketing. Undoubtedly the best way to learn something is to apply it in the practical world. And I understood it then.
The second introduced me to our senior Public Relations Officer, Abhishek Tiwari, and with the support of our Director, Dr. Archana Shrivastava, I started contributing to the Public Relations Team of Balaji Institute of Modern Management. In the company of consummate team members my personality saw an instantaneous magnification.
Then came my internship with Berger Paints India Ltd.
With unparalleled learnings my internship cruised me to my success story.
The third semester cropped up with the season of placements. And Deloitte was one of the first companies to visit our campus for placements. Little did I know during the pre placement talk that the end of the day would bring about one of my happiest moments in life.
After rounds of aptitude, essay writings and interviews, Deloitte Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. found me worthy to be a part of their organisation as an analyst, USI clients & marketing organisations.
Being among the very first few to get placed surely made me feel elated and that rushed me through the third semester.
Filled with events made me learn lessons of management in the practical world. Being a core member of the team organising the events obviously had its perks.
This college has given me experiences, learning, life lessons, habits and a way of life that I doubt any other college could have.
Not on the top of the list but striving to be makes the experience even more captivating.
And this experience would be incomplete without a special mention to Prof. Col. Dr. A. Balasubramium sir.
As said for few, it would be fit to respect him as the title of the rock album by El Duce read, The man, the myth, the legend. Without his rebuking on the first week of college for not shaving, I do not think I would have been on this path.

And surely this journey would be a murk if I do not mention 3 people.
Friends, family, brothers, guide, teachers, support, and everything I needed them to be.
Ratul Dutta(BIMHRD), Somya trivedi(BIMM) and Soumik Das(BIMM).

Comprehensively, these 2 years probably would be the best ever years in my life till the end of time.

Thank you Bala sir.
Thank you Directors.
Thank you faculties.
Thank you seniors.
Thank you batch mates.
Thank you juniors.
Thank you everyone associated with the name of SBS.

And last but not the least, nothing would have known its existence without the support of my parents and family. I owe you everything.

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