My Campus Placement Experience: Yogita Singh

Name: Yogita Singh
Placed: Johnson Controls
Specialization: Telecom and Marketing
Roll No.: TM1716255

Every goal has its own roadmap for its success. My goal was written on a florescent sticky note stuck on my wall. Yes, the journey of SBS was a flashlight to my destination.
Being a navy brat ,where losing your driving license is LOT better than loosing your military ID. I was always taught that “a smooth sea never made a skilful sailor” thus, the 3 D’s mantra was willingly assimilated by me. It was my father who taught me to value myself .He always told me, I am strong and I am the most precious thing in his life. My mom always looked into me and saw something worth believing in , long before I believed in myself. I am grateful to them for motivating me.


I adamantly believe in this message, as my inclination to do MBA was set before pursuing engineering. In the haze also they were visible. As the days of engineering were coming to an end , on the onset of the distant dream were turning concrete in my consciousness.
The seminar during the admission process kept my hopes high . life will be difficult was said by all. It will be like getting a splinter while riding a rainbow but the ride had been truly astonishing.
The day was full of mixed happiness when the confirmation mail arrived for BITM. I was overwhelmed by the thought of being part of the SBS family . The college gave an identity as a student manager ,which was prestigious. For the first 2 month I was part of the Saraswati river. This class taught the meaning of togetherness . In the beginning days I was intrigued by the number of workshop conduction that had helped me in transforming myself by conquering my fears .As the days unfolded participation in numerous activities became priority . With the advent of the aiyaswamy, my concealed creative ideas were well lit to the assemblage and the mini aiyaswamy highlighted the singing proficiency.
The journey maintained the continuum with explicit 3D’s intact. My dedication played a major role in showcasing my performance during the internship. The location provided to my was in a new unknown city which helped me in learning more about life . I was in love with my internship job and tried to give my best everytime .
In the placement month everybody was shooting for the best star to land upon. Everyone was trying to evolve themselves to the companies expectation. Competition was fierce . With my diligence I got HDFC bank. Hearing my name in the midst of all the crowd made tears of joy well up and seemed unbelievable.
As life was treating me very well when the PPO from my Internship company i.e HITACHI – JOHNSON CONTROLS INDIA announced my selection. There was no point in sleeping when my reality was better than my dreams.
Most importantly I want to thank Lord for continuing to bless me and giving me the opportunity to do what I love. When your goals are accomplished life cannot be more beautiful than that.
Today ,when I connect the dots I recall that florescent sticky note and feel incredibly proud of myself .

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