My Campus Placement Experience: Yash Khakhar

Name: Yash Khakhar (President, BIMHRD Student Council)
Placed with: HDFC Bank
Specialization: Marketing
Roll. No: HRD1714399

Not everyone has the prowess to fly above in the sky with a constant pace and watching the valley of success with the eagle’s eye. Not everyone is lucky enough to avail the opportunity that leads you to reach the apex. Here I, the explorer, will sail you across the journey full of experience and fun.

When you are dedicated to perform a task, your face reflects a shining attitude and eventually, it is recognized by the pool of achievements. Being active in every aspect of the BIMHRD, the college adorned me with the accolade of cultural coordinator. And my activeness achieved a new level when I was declared as the PRESIDENT of the Student Council.

The plethora of learning and experience that I have inculcated is amazing. Whether it be the interaction with the students, faculties, directors, corporate leaders etc. or the coordination of the mega-events like Drishti, the college never let me feel isolated and I could discover leadership trait inside me. Eventually, the ball of success dropped in the net of my achievements when BIMHRD was declared as the winner of the DRISHTI Cup.

Lastly, I would like to say that when you are exposed to a challenging environment, don’t let yourself to be surrounded by the elements of anxiety or frustration but try to illuminate your energy and passion to climb the height of success. As someone has truly said that the best view comes after the hardest climb.

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