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My Campus Placement Experience: Pranjali Khobragade

Name: Pranjali Khobragade
Placed With: Infosys
Specialization: Marketing & Finance
Roll Number: TM1716419

It all started when I chose to do MBA when I was in third year of my Engineering, understood already I was not ready for any IT job.

With time, my instincts told me to pursue HR as a specialization….but I couldn’t made the college I wanted. Being in Pune for 8 long years I heard about the Sri Balaji Society a lot from my seniors and from students from the coaching I was in.

Based on my marks in entrance exam, I tried to gave a shot for GD PI round, and got a mail from SBS after a month but I got selected for Marketing. I was sad but thought a lot on that and even consulted a professor from BITM before taking admission and today I feel it was a right decision.

The two years of PGDM in SBS shaped me, mould me in a best possible way I could ever imagine. The knowledge i gained from changing few habits with the help of college curriculum and strict schedule helped me getting my placement so easily. I overcome my biggest weaknesses from the very first day of college. Whether it comes to wearing a saree for a first time ever and still feel confident or by giving presentation in front of 600 students at first week of college or enjoying Mahabharata with whole college and learning what qualities I wanted in me as a aspiring successful person.

The one thing I loved about this college, every person whether it is Faculty or any Director even the Prof. Dr. Col. A Balasubramaniam are easily approachable.

I thank everyone who supported me in this beautiful journey my parents my friend and most importantly the teachers who helped me to groom so well.

My Campus Placement Experience: Gurleen Chhabra

Name: Gurleen Chhabra
Placed With: Bajaj Finserv
Specialization: Finance (2017-19)
Roll no: IB1715309

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” My journey has not been easy but worth all the pain …I belong to Pune living about 30 kilometers from the campus therefore it has not been easy to travel 60 kilometers in a day and cope with the schedule in college but with the immense support of my family I was able to manage it well.

I did my schooling from St. Helena’s School then I went on and did my junior college from The Bishop’s Junior College continued do my graduation from Ness Wadia College of Commerce . As my graduation was ending I started looking for the top B-Schools in Pune where I went across Sri Balaji Society and cleared my process and got admission.


My Campus Placement Experience: Surbhi Sharma

Name: Surbhi Sharma
Placed With: Amazon India
Roll number: MM1719645
Company: Amazon

Words.. They have Power.. Strong enough that in some myths, spoken words create worlds, creatures and human beings. Words, when put right, are potent enough to define ones journey in monotony. Ignorant are we, who don’t recognize words as Omnipotent. Acknowledging this, i shall put forth My Story with this Verbiage.

Born in Udaipur and raised away from my birth place. At a tender age whilst others were busy admiring Disney princesses and playing with their tea sets, I had to go through the overwhelming experience of moving abroad with my family. Having a little language of the English language and unable to understand the Aussie accent, I seldom recall the journey of the word ‘Pardon!’ becoming a part of my idiolect.


My Campus Placement Experience: Juhi Chandra

Name: Juhi Chandra
Placed with: Vedanta Resources Limited
Specialization: PM & HRD
Roll Number: MM1719614

When I look back today, I myself feel bewildered sometimes. I came from, a small city of Meerut from Uttar Pradesh. Brought up by a single mother, an epitome of selflessness and sacrifice. After the untimely demise of my father, she left no stone unturned to make sure her kids did well in life. I completed my schooling and engineering in Electronics & Communications from Meerut itself before I switched my field to hospitality. Yes you read it right! Within time I realized that engineering was not my cup of tea and I was inclined to do something different, so I started to work at ITC Mughal Hotel in Agra, one of the top Hotel chains in the country, where I spent 1.5 years as Guest Relations Executive. While life was unfolding in miraculous ways, I decided to pursue MBA further in life. An alumnus at job, Rashika Mittal, suggested about Balaji Institute of Modern Management (BIMM), Pune. Incredible ROI, great placements to offer, decent average package, lucrative high packages and big corporate names recruiting from the institute, is what the college had to offer. I did hear some news about restrictions too but as they say, no pain- no gain, hence I chose to neglect that.


My Campus Placement Experience: Aishwary Shrivastava

My Campus Placement Experience

Name: Aishwary Shrivastava
Placed With: Nestlé
Specialization: Marketing
Roll. No.: MM1719156

Cricket to corporate
Times flies living behind the beautiful impact of your presence!
I was one among those strikers on the cricket ground of Bhopal, who followed a mixed passion of both being a sportsperson and a corporater. I experienced my first educative carrier knock on 8th June 2017, with the start of the induction program as a young member of “SRI BALAJI SOCIETY” family. Super learning workshops, seminars, guest lectures and other training sessions was like a loath of knowledgeful experience. It helped me grow in its own manner.
The two months induction program gave me best of the people from my river “Indrayani”, we untidily competed for the first cultural event-AIYASWAMY 2K17, And experienced the unanimous team work for the first time. In the midst of 365 days working, college made me explore my cultural side and was successfully able to coordinate for the gala events.


My Campus Placement Experience: Gaurav Jain

Name: Gaurav Jain
Placed With: ITC ltd
Specialization: Marketing
Roll No: HRD1714186
It all started on 8th June 2017, with induction of 2 months, fortunately, I land in a newly found Tapti river, Induction was rigorous but it had a glimpse of BIMHRD culture. Finally, induction got over with a mythological chapter (Mahabharat sessions).

12th August 2017, the day when I entered into my institute BIMHRD where definition originates and end with one word “Perfection”. There I meet a personality who was explaining marketing concepts with so ease that we were not able to understand is marketing is that easy or we are more intelligent, a big thanks to Mr. Girish ketkar sir.

My Campus Placement Experience: Priyam Paul

Name: Priyam Paul
Placed with: Signature International Foods India Private Limited
Specialization: MARKETING
Roll. No: IB1715243

Galileo Galilei once said, “I have never met a man so ignorant that I could not learn something from him.”
This above statement truly goes, when you have more than a thousand students around you every single day. Every person here at SBS will teach you something but very few inspire you, teaching you something that stays with you for the longest.
Amongst us, we have the man who breathes integrity, lives by his dreams, pure at heart and believes in his values. He is the leader every student looks up to.
I am pretty sure you would not spot him everywhere in college because he is either doing his work or helping out the college faculty with theirs, and the man I am talking about is President Priyam Paul of Balaji Institute of International Business.
Priyam Paul belongs to a place called Tripura. This young boy once moved out to Chennai for his higher studies. The exposure he got during his Graduation days made him a self-proclaimed individual with high ethics, honest and a social worker in his life. Priyam being the person he was and remains to be the same even today achieved a complete 100% attendance during his Graduation and had received a cash amount for his achievement. He donated the entire amount to the old age and orphanage.
From then onwards, Priyam Paul never stopped and looked back in life.
His momentary change came when Priyam came to Sri Balaji Society on 8th June 2017. He joined SBS because he wanted to explore his career opportunities and challenge himself to sustain in this competitive environment.


My Campus Placement Experience: Nishchay Kelkar

My Campus Placement Experience

Name: Nishchay Kelkar
Placed With: Bajaj Finserv
Specialization: Marketing & Finance (2017-19)
Roll no: TM1716453

Have The Will Of Fire in You
Never Give Up!!!

“I’ll never give up fighting, till the very end.
If I fall along the way, I’ll get back up, and try again.
But never shall I accept the defeat.
I’ll Keep Trying Until I Succeed.
I’ve set my goals and those, I shall meet.
But never will I let negativity hold me down,
Those who think positive, I keep them around,
Those who think negative, I turn them around.
Never shall I dwell on things in the past,
Bad times come but never do they last.
I shall never give in to those who are weaker than I.
If I give up now, why not lie down and die?
Those who think that I shall Give Up!
You Should Give Up on Me Giving Up!


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